Simple Time Tracking with Web-Based Timesheets

Track time from anywhere with an Internet connection! Web-based time tracking is easy for employees and provides essential time-use insight for managers.

Easy Time Entry

MindSalt's web-based timesheets are intuitive and user-friendly. Employees and contractors can enter hours manually or use the built-in stopwatch to log time. Timesheets can also be displayed in weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, or monthly formats to match your company's pay cycle.

Easy Time Entry

Anytime, Anywhere

With web-based timesheets there's nothing to install, configure, or maintain. All that's needed is a web browser and an Internet connection. Employees can log time from their desk, or on the go from their mobile device. It really is that simple!

Anytime, Anywhere

Track Time Off

Automated accruals keep track of employee balances for sick leave, vacation time, PTO, and comp time. Our time tracking software allows users to view their real-time balances and plan their time off requests accordingly - no more calls to HR or payroll to confirm available hours!

Track Time Off

Approval Workflows

Employee managers, project managers, and other approvers can approve timesheets with a single click. Keep things simple or, for companies with a multilevel approval requirement, advanced approval workflows are available to meet your needs. Learn more about approvals and notifications!

Approval Workflows | Web Based Timesheets

Timesheet Reminders

Automatically remind team members when their timesheet has insufficient hours or needs to be submitted for approval. When timesheets come due, review the dashboard to quickly identify who has not completed their timesheet, pinpoint where some may be held up in the approval process, and send email alerts to employees with insufficient time.

Timesheet Reminders | Web Based Timesheets


View detailed or summary reports grouping data by client, project, task, or team member. View all of your team members' hours at a glance, or filter the data for more control over the results. Compare budgets to actuals and keep closer tabs on billable hours and project status. Review employee efficiency, profitability, and track performance goals. Consider the information you could glean from simple time tracking software! Read more about our reports!

Reports | Web Based Timesheets

Access Control

You're in control! Restrict or grant access to specific reports, features, or screens based on your company's unique and ever-changing needs. Administrators have the authority to adjust permissions for employees or groups as needed. Your information is secure. Whoever needs it can access it. Whoever doesn't have permission, can't.

Access Control

Lots More!

MindSalt's web-based timesheets combine a user-friendly platform with rich features to help you use timekeeping data in ways you never thought possible. Combined with our expense tracking software, flexible cost and billing rates, budget tracking, QuickBooks and payroll software integration, and simple client invoice creation, MindSalt's time tracking software is the tool you need to simplify timekeeping and take your company to the next level.

Many More Features

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