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"The flexibility, ease of use, affordability, and powerful reporting tools of MindSalt are the key items that makes them better than the competition. Their customer service has gone out of their way to give us a customized application to specifically fit the needs of our company. I only wish we knew about MindSalt much sooner as we would have saved a lot of time and effort over the years."

- Christopher Hale, President/CEO, Tricen Technologies

"MindSalt has been an indispensable tool to Allan Consulting for the last two years. We have been able to manage time and expense for our ever variable stable of associates who all work for different clients on multiple projects throughout the world. Our initial need was for a time and expense tracking reporting provider that would allow our associates to enter their time and expense from anywhere in the world using a web-based tool. Of all the providers that we researched, MindSalt fit every criteria that we had identified so we selected them as our provider.

Our associates found MindSalt to be very easy to use and we found that our time and expense reporting accuracy improved significantly. Our MindSalt administrator was able to reduce the time that it took to invoice clients by 50, and the approval process improved the accuracy of our invoices dramatically. We also found the MindSalt staff to be extremely proactive at responding to any issues we had with the system, as well as being able to modify our setup to accommodate how we did business. I always received some response from them within one to two hours of contacting them for assistance.

We have recommended MindSalt to our clients, and on occasion actually augmented their systems with MindSalt to allow them to track proposal time and expense in real-time, versus the usual 3 to 4 week delay that they encounter due to invoicing by subcontractors and the usual lag for expense reporting due to submittal and approval prior to entry into their system.

We would absolutely make the same decision to use MindSalt today."

- Jeffrey Eyman, Allan Consulting

"MindSalt has given us easy to use and reliable tools that enable us to better understand and manage our project time and staff resourcing over multiple projects across different time zones and currencies. With the help of the MindSalt customer service team, these tools have become a fundamental part of our day to day administrative operations."

- Andy Catterick, President, Creative Director, PixelPool

"We are a small start-up engineering firm and our primary focus is product design. Two years ago we were directed by our major investors to immediately begin manufacturing on some of our projects. Between this major shift and our ongoing interest in our labor costs on the research side, being able to accurately tabulate and analyze manhours by activity was critical. MindSalt has been invaluable. For something so affordable, accessible, and easy to use, it is an enormously robust and flexible piece of database software. We were able to quickly establish mechanisms that enabled us to track and analyze time the way that we needed. Adjusting or adding new projects, tasks, users and other elements is quick and simple. Reporting is outstanding. And as anyone who has ever tried to implement new software in the workplace can appreciate, our employees found it easy and straightforward to use. With the expenses module, we are able to track expenses in the same framework as labor, helping to create an integrated picture of the unscripted costs of each project. Best of all in an era of outsourced support, the customer service is without peer. I have never had a question or concern that hasn't been answered and solved within 15 minutes by a friendly and competent representative. Even as our needs have grown more complex, MindSalt has grown with us. This provider has my highest recommendation."

- Selena Shuman, Accounting Manager

"Our consulting business deploys people everywhere, working on projects with very large global companies. At the end of the month, we used to sit and wait for everyone to send in their time and expense reporting on Excel spreadsheets. Then we would spend several days collating the data and asking for clarification as to the unusual expenses that you always see when you send people around the world. We had shopped for SaaS T&E packages and chose MindSalt for several reasons including: easy setup, menu-driven time and expense posting for our people, and top-notch reporting. In short, set-up and use is easy and we have shortened our monthly close from about one week to several hours. Our people like using the system, many are posting daily and avoiding the month-end crunch. As a business owner, I like the reporting tools and the shortened A/R pipeline."

- Roger Kellett, Managing Partner, Certitude Consulting Group, Inc.

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