Web-Based Expense Tracking and Reporting

Go paperless! MindSalt's web-based expense tracking lets your employees log their expenses and submit receipts from anywhere - whether they're in the office or in the field. Recording expenses has never been easier!

Simple Expense Tracking

Streamline your expense reporting process and simplify your company's reimbursement procedures with our intuitive and easy-to-use expense tracking software. The user-friendly interface will improve the timeliness and accuracy of employee expenditure submissions which will keep your expense reports up-to-date and make sure management's always in the loop on project budget status.

Simple Expense Tracking

Record Expenses on the Go

A web-based platform means employees can log expenses from anywhere! Track expenses on your mobile device the minute they are incurred. With MindSalt's expense tracking software you can keep those expense records up-to-date and eliminate forgotten or significantly delayed reimbursement requests.

Record Expenses on the Go

Store Your Receipts Electronically

No more lost receipts! With a camera-enabled mobile device employees can instantly capture receipt images and attach them to their expense reports. Even better, all receipts are automatically organized and stored for retrieval when necessary. This makes preparation for events like audits, financial reviews, and tax preparation infinitely easier.


Approval Workflows

Customize approval workflows to suit your company's needs. Employee managers, project managers, and other authorized individuals can approve expenses with a single click, or you can configure more advanced multilevel approvals to ensure no reimbursement request goes through without proper review.

Approval Workflows

Detailed Reporting

Multiple reports are available to help organize and analyze your data. Categorize expenses by type, payment method, client, or project to get a clear overall picture of your financial information and to easily find the exact details you're looking for. Export your data for use in popular payroll and accounting programs to eliminate the need for manual entry and reduce human error in expense processing.

Detailed Reports | Online Expense Reporting

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